Pupil Voice

At Ayton Primary School, we firmly believe that our children should have their say in many of the decisions and plans we make.  We hold regular Pupil Voice meetings and discuss school, national, and world matters. Recent work has involved looking to see how we can improve our playground and outdoor areas, and we are lucky to have had lots of support from our parents in making things happen.

We make sure our children also have their say in what, and how, they prefer to learn.  The adults listen carefully to their ideas and try to incorporate them when planning new learning opportunities .  This results in an increase in expectations for everyone at our school.

Self evaluation

Our children are given the opportunity to participate in learning walks around our school. They choose an area to look at in detail- it could be to see whether the displays are bright and attractive, or whether everyone shows good manners, or lots of other things, and report back to everyone on what they have seen, and suggest ways in which to improve.  Sometimes children write up their findings in a report, which we display in our 'Pupil Voice' book so everyone can see and comment upon it.

Our Pupil Voice Book

This is where we record our Pupil Voice discussions , views and findings.  We keep it in the dining room so everyone can look at it.  We also display our views and plans up on the wall, so we can tick off jobs as we do them.  There are post-it notes available so everyone can add their ideas and views.